Good Posture

·       I am sitting up tall.

·       I am facing toward my computer.

 Body Position

·       My keyboard is at the edge of the table.

·       My body is centered with the B key.

 Feet of the Floor

·       My feet are on the floor.

·       My feet are slightly apart.

 Fingers Curved

·       My fingers are comfortably curved.

·       My thumbs are resting on the space bar.

 Fingers on Home Row

·       My fingers are resting lightly on Home Row.

·       My index fingers are resting on F and J.

 Quiet Wrists & Elbows

·       My wrists are not resting on the keyboard or table.

·       My elbows are resting naturally at my side.

 Eyes on Copy

·       My eyes are on my monitor.

·        I never look down at my keys.

Kelly Whelpley,
Feb 21, 2014, 1:41 PM