Below are links to some free typing websites that your child may use to practice at home.  Please make sure your child continues to use the proper technique as demonstrated on the Proper Technique page of my website.

Bees and Honey (Great for beginners!!!)
This is a great website for beginners who need practice with their mouse skills!

This website has a variety of typing games as well as drills and timed writing pieces.  

Learning Games for Kids (Great for beginners!!!)
Lots of keyboarding games to play on this website!

This is a fun game for all ages-it really tests your abilities!

Nitrotype (Skilled typists only)
This website is definitely for the experienced typist!  Please do not allow your child to play this unless they maintain the proper keyboarding technique!  

10 Fast Fingers (Skilled typists only)
This is a fun website where you can compete with people around the world.  Don't forget your technique!

Click on the link below to open a PDF file with lots of typing activity websites!
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